Brown Trout caught during fishing class in the Stanislaus River.


Rainbow Trout caught by a child at a secret location. Caught on a Galvan T-4.


Large Leopard Shark caught by a pair of children. Caught at a secret location.


Kelp Fish caught by a child at a secret location.


Anemone spotted during low tide at a foraging class.


Crabbing with kids at a secret location


Several pounds of smoked salmon. This smoker was made by kids from materials they harvested in the woods.

IMG_0119 2

Wild Caught Salmon being smoked on cedar stakes by an open pit fire.


Long Bow Archery Class. This child has a hand made long bow, handmade quiver, and hand made arrows! Compliments of his father.

Compound Bow Archery - Redwood Bowman

Bullseye at 80 yards. Nice Shot!


Breakfast cooked in the redwoods using a Swedish Stove.

Sunrise at Lake Sonoma after Kayaking several miles to this spot.

Learn about different animals

Caterpillar -- learn to tie a fly that looks like a caterpillar

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